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First Visit

Your first visit will take up to an hour where a detailed case history will be taken followed by an examination. Questions will be asked about your symptoms and medical history to create a picture of your overall health. A working diagnosis and treatment plan will be discussed, leaving plenty of time for your first treatment.

During the examination, a combination of movement, orthopaedic and neurological tests will typically be used. Depending on the nature of your presenting symptoms, this may require you to partially undress to allow a full assessment and effective treatment. However, your privacy and modesty is respected at all times and we can usually work around loose clothing should you prefer. You are welcome to bring a friend/relative to sit in with you should you wish.

The osteopathic techniques used during the treatment will depend very much on the severity of the problem, fragility of the tissues, age and anxiety of the patient. They include muscle and connective tissue stretching and massage, joint articulations and traction. More subtle techniques including cranial osteopathy are also used, especially when treating children or elderly patients. 

As an osteopathic patient, you may be offered Dry Needling in addition to osteopathy.  Also known as ‘Western Medical Acupuncture’ this differs from Traditional Acupuncture in that it is based on conventional anatomy, physiology and pathology and western medical thinking.  The decision to use acupuncture is made on an individual basis and after full discussion and consent from the patient. 

Colette osteopath treating baby with cranial osteopathy
Colette osteopath treating with medical acupuncture

The need for follow up treatments will be discussed on a case by case basis. The aim is always to get patients symptom free and feel confident they have the tools and information required to prevent reoccurrence . Many people find that Osteopathy can be helpful as part of their regular healthcare routine.  

Appropriate exercises and advice will be given in order to maximise the beneficial effects of treatment and to help prevent symptoms returning.

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