Osteopathy for Babies and Children

Many people believe that babies and children are too young and pliable to suffer from and structural stresses and strains, but in reality they do.

When a baby is born it is subjected to enormous forces and strains as the uterus contracts against the resistance of the birth canal to push the baby out. Even if your baby is born by C-Section, it’s a bit like being pulled through a letterbox.

The baby’s head has the ability to mould and change at birth to aid normal labour. After birth, any distortions should resolve naturally.  However, if labour is difficult or forceps/suction cup were used, these distortions and strains might not resolve and may cause the baby to be physically uncomfortable. This discomfort can sometimes manifest, for example, as unsettled behaviour, digestive or feeding problems.

Very gentle osteopathic techniques can help to release and balance areas of physical tension, helping to soothe and relax as well as promote freer movement. This can often help alleviate symptoms.

Children & Teenagers
Children can also benefit from osteopathic treatment, helping them with various developmental problems. Children often present to the clinic with aches and pains from growth spurts or falls in the playground, sports injuries, pain caused by poor posture. Anxiety and discomfort from the impact of rapid physical and emotional development, often caused by exam stress and more recently, the pressures of social media.

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