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“I have a complicated lower back situation and initially saw Colette about 9 months ago after having upset it yet again. After the first session it was immediately much improved and weekly sessions for a month really made a big difference. I see Colette once a month now for maintenance, to help loosen up back, shoulders and anything else that needs it. My body is most grateful. She is professional, helpful and experienced - go and make an appointment!” Sandra

"Colette is an intuitive, kind and knowledgeable osteopath. I’ve had several treatments with Colette for both shoulder and back issues. When I step into her treatment room I feel I’m in safe hands and really benefit from her multi-disciplined and holistic approach." Joanne.

“Colette is full of surprises and has a natural ability to sense and understand your mental and physical well-being. Her firm but sensitive whole body approach allows Colette to reset body function whilst picking up your feelings and worries and flagging your need to address them to sort out their physical impact.” Clive

"I saw Colette for a number of sessions to treat a flare up of back pain. Colette was very friendly and attentive throughout my treatment and really put me at ease during my sessions, often checking to make sure I was feeling OK. She was very informative and knowledgeable in answering any questions I had, and I felt so much better after my treatment. I could not recommend her highly enough - thank you!" Victoria

"Around Christmas 2015, following a bout of bronchitis and the coughing fits that went with it, my neck, already arthritic, went into complete lock down.  It was acutely painful, and any movement had to be carefully planned to minimise the pain.  I was feeling pretty desperate about the future, but it was my good fortune to find Colette.  That first session with her gave me some relief, and, more importantly, hope that the pain and discomfort could be dealt with and that life would return to normal.  Weekly sessions slowly eased the pain and movement began to return to my neck.  Colette was always positive and encouraging, giving me exercises to do in between sessions and suggesting improvements in my daily life, for example, getting a car seat that gave good support to my spine.  I particularly liked the fact that she uses cranial osteopathy as part of the treatment process, a gentle form of manipulation that is kind to an ageing body (like mine). It took a while, but I now have good mobility in my neck, and the effects of the arthritis are under control.  I'm able to take long walks, garden and drive my car without pain, something that in those first days I never thought I'd be able to do again.  I'm eternally grateful to Colette for what she did for me, and I recommend her without reservation.  I would certainly want to see her again for treatment if need arose."  Liz.

She’s super nice. I can’t recommend her enough and thank her for her help.
My upper back, shoulders and jaw were absolutely stuff and I was suffering so much pain. I’ve visited Colette and after 3 visits I am feeling thousand times better. She is very professional, helpful and kind. She not just treats you but helps you with advice and recommends exercises and shows you hoe to do them. Beatriz.

“I’ve been diagnosed with chronic migraine which have been severe for the past 2 years. I first saw Colette when I was a low point with pain. Colette has helped me to feel in control and helped me to understand and listen to my body; Physically as well as mentally. I have generally a much more positive outlook emotionally and have seen huge reduction with the migraines thanks to Colette’s expertise, knowledge and endless positivity. Thankyou so much 😊” Zeffira

“Great holistic Service!
I initially went to see Colette in April 2018 feeling very despondent and experiencing very painful, enduring lower back pain which was getting worse. Colette is friendly, reassuring and has a very holistic approach to her practice. She not only helped in working on my whole body physically in sessions but she also helped me to reconnect to my self in a new way. Through this connecting and Colette's advice I have found ways to strengthen my core and to rest and restore my body, this has been very empowering in helping me to manage my lower back which is so much better 10 months on. I would really recommend beginning the process!!” Victoria

"I have suffered from lower back and shoulder pain for over 3 years. I have previously seen physios and acupuncturists however, I am so pleased I have now found Colette. Not only do I feel significantly better after her treatments but she has helped me to understand what is going on and how to feel more confident in managing my back issues longer term. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her." Hannah.

"I think the state of my neck, shoulders and upper back rather shocked Colette when she first treated me! I had not realised how much tension I hold in my upper body. My muscles have really enjoyed the treatments they have been receiving and wish they had met Colette's strong hands years ago! I so appreciate the good advice Colette has given me on how to help myself. She has also recommended a couple of excellent yoga videos which I find very helpful." Maureen.

"I feel very fortunate indeed to have found Colette! Over the past couple of years, particularly in cold weather, I have noticed a stiffness in my hips and lower back, perhaps partly age related, I’m in my late fifties, I also do a fair amount of lifting and carrying at work, and at home, gardening and carrying shopping etc...  earlier this year I managed to pull a muscle, probably twisting in an awkward way to pick something up, I didn’t take much notice at the time, but the next morning I had difficulty bending to put my shoes on, I had to walk around very carefully trying not to twist or do anything that would set off a twanging pain in my lower back and hip, this went on for a few days and I decided it was time to find an osteopath and see if this immediate problem along with the underlying weakness in my lower back and hips could be improved, I contacted a much recommended local practice and was given an appointment to see Colette.
From my first appointment I felt that I was in the right place, I very much liked Colette’s holistic, supportive approach, the first treatment that she gave, eased the problem with my back considerably and I continued to see Colette every two weeks for a couple of months, after each session I noticed new improvements including increases in flexibility, and as the sessions progressed, my body felt more evenly balanced, my long term practice of yoga made me especially aware of these changes and worked extremely well alongside the treatment. My back is fine now, if I have any other problems in the future I won’t hesitate to make an appointment to see Colette." Sanchia.

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